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Baby Shower Time!

Well, I just received photos of my baby shower from the wonderful Diana Simpson, so now I get to post about my perfectly special day! Thank you so much to Diana for capturing these moments for me so that I will always remember my very first baby shower!

My dear friends Michelle, Naomi, Jennifer, and Steph planned an incredible shower for me, and it was a day I will not forget. From the moment that I walked in the door, every detail was beautiful and everything so well planned.

It was humbling, fun, and special.

My mom was able to fly up for the weekend from Fort Lauderdale, and we met up with my wonderful mother in law to carpool to the shower. Rich took this photo of the three of us before we left for our girly morning!


The shower was held at Tim and Steph’s home, and it was beautifully decorated with all things pink.


There were beautiful magnet prayer cards for everyone to take home made by Naomi…


Super cute chocolate candy bars with Alana’s name and due date…


Advice cards for everyone to share their most profound mommy thoughts with me to cherish forever…


Delicious food to enjoy…



Super cute baby girl details…


And what meant the most to me . . . my dear friends and family who came to show their love and support!





My mom and I…


And my mother in law and sisters in law!



Michelle launched the shower with an incredible time of prayer. She and Steph had typed up scripture verses with Alana’s name included in them, printed them, and cut them into small folds of paper for each woman to take and pray. We spent about half an hour praying the scriptures over Alana and it was so meaningful.



Then I got to open about a million gifts! It was so much fun, and I loved everything! Most of it was from my registry (which I appreciate beyond words!), and there were a few gifts that were not. We are so incredibly thankful for every single generous gift!!!

One non-registry gift was from Steph, who hand-painted a frame especially for me with Alana’s nursery colors. I love it, and it coordinates perfectly with her room. I have to put in a plug here for Steph, who just launched her brand new business, Mango Tree Frames! Check out her site and enjoy!


My mother in law bought this super cute and trendy diaper bag with Alana’s initials monogrammed on it! I can’t wait to use it!


My mom bought me the bedding for Alana’s nursery, which I will post pictures of soon, now that it is all set up in her crib! I LOVE it!!!

This is a pair of my favorite socks in the world, which I posted a blog about recently. My sister actually had them shipped to Steph’s house so I’d be able to open them at my shower! Thank you, pixie! I love you and missed you!




Then, to make a super special day even more amazing, I returned home to find that Rich and his brother Jeff and my father-in-law had picked up Alana’s crib and dresser (it had been on layaway), brought them home, and assembled them to surprise me! I came into the nursery and here is my expression of pure shock at the sight that met me:


I was totally excited and overwhelmed! The men in my life are seriously kind and thoughtful…and very giving of their time and energy. I am abundantly blessed! And no, we haven’t taken pictures of the nursery yet! Soon, soon!

Then, just this past Sunday evening, my dear friend Kellie threw an intimate couple’s shower for us. She had been out of town and wasn’t able to come to my main shower, so she wanted to do something special with just a couple of close friends (who also couldn’t make it to my other shower).

Here I am with Amber (thank you to Nathan and Amber for the following pictures!)


Kellie had made her amazing calzones and salad followed by the most incredible chocolate peanut butter cake ever! We laughed and had a great time over dinner.

Then Rich announced that we’d just bought a new camera for our “non-professional” use, and that it is waterproof (thank you everyone for the Best Buy gift cards for Rich’s birthday!!!).

Nathan and Amber wanted a demo, so we had a bit of fun with our cute little new camera. First Rich dunked it into a drinking glass…


but because of the contoured shape of the glass, the photo didn’t come out too well…


So Kellie ran downstairs to grab a vase that seemed more conducive.

Here is underwater experiment take two…


and it worked brilliantly!



Once we were done playing with underwater photography, we moved into the living room to open a few gifts! When I told Rich that he needed to play an active role in our gift opening, this was his reaction! I love this man!



And play a few games…


And have a few laughs…



Jason and Kellie, thank you so much for the wonderful time together, and for blessing us with great company, food, and gifts! You guys are wonderful and we love you!

Clark and Maureen and Nathan and Amber, thank you for making our night so special and we love you guys! It was SO good to spend much needed time with you!


  • Nathan Holritz - October 5, 2007 - 9:22 pm

    Definitely a fun night!!! So good to hang with you guys!

  • Lisa Hickman - October 5, 2007 - 10:25 pm

    wow, what a blessing! Cant wait to meet your little girl!!!

  • Pix - October 6, 2007 - 1:26 am

    Sounds like a fun night. Jonathan and I would love to get together with Nathan and Amber again sometime – they are such an awesome couple. The shower looked beautiful. I am so glad those girls took such good care of you on that say. I wish I could have been there. Love you three.

  • Cami - October 8, 2007 - 9:33 pm

    incredible!! this is just the beginning of the good stuff–imagine! yes, i am so happy that you & alana (& rich!) are being so well-loved…wish i could’ve come too! besos xoxo

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