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It’s a New Year!

You wouldn’t know it by all the blogging I’ve been doing, but I’m actually behind right now! I have several more posts with from the past week, so I may just have to rapid-fire blog this week…and try my hardest NOT to take any more pictures – at least for a few days 🙂 We’ll see how that goes. 

On New Years Day, the three of us did a five minute mini-session in our front yard before heading to my in-laws home. The light was beautiful, and I just couldn’t resist! 



She’s a chickadee with many expressions! 


It’s been fun to watch her get SO mobile, so FAST! 


Runaway baby! 


This may be a typical baby thing to do, but I think it’s so funny that her hands are always up when she walks and stands! 


A calm moment with dad…


I’m pretty sure I could never tire of taking photos of these two. I am learning that I consider it a personal challenge to document the ones I love in a natural, authentic way. It’s very satisfying and special for me. 



Then we headed off to the country, a twenty minute drive to Rich’s parents home in Apison, TN. When we arrived, the house was still quite since the others had not arrived.

So, being that I am always taking photography lessons from rich, we seized the opportunity to explore a bit. It was COLD and windy, so we bundled up and headed out back, down a trail, and into a meadow! Thank you, honey, for these images of your girls!



Rich’s shot of Alana…in my sunglasses! So fun! 



Watching the horses! 


Then I took over for a few shots…



The “head-tilt” is one of Alana’s strategies in her baby arsenal. I’m convinced that she knows how cute she is when she does this, and therefore, she basks in the reality that we are piles of mush; totally captivated by her adorability. 


Some “sun-flare”


Jeff, Jackie and baby Adeline showed up shortly after we got back to the house and I played around taking some more photos of the baby cousins! 









Okay, that was fun! Until next time (which will be very soon)…

Happy New Year!

  • Mom - January 4, 2009 - 11:25 pm

    Those cousins are adorable together! Bet they’ll be best friends when they get older… Too cute!

  • Auntie Pix - January 5, 2009 - 1:50 am

    She looks so much like a Lashbrook in these pics…so much like Shawn. Especially in the last few with Jeff and Jackie’s little angel; by the difference in their faces, it brings out the Lashbrook look even more than when she is standing alone. They are too cute together. I adore the one where her mouth is wide open in your front yard. Can’t wait to see her new tricks 🙂

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