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visiting dad at the office!

Okay, so this post is about two weeks overdue, but I intend to include it on the blog anyway!

Rich, Alana and I had just returned from Christmas in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday night, when on my way back from the grocery store on Monday morning I began to hear strange noises from my car. Long story short, my car ended up being in the shop for a couple of days while problems were diagnosed and fixed. In it all, we were so thankful for God’s protection on our trip home — just the day before, having taken a safe and smooth eleven hour trip — just to have the car overheat the very next morning. 

So, Alana and I spent quite a bit of time at Smith Engineering, where Rich works his day job before coming home and working his remaining waking hours for Rich Smith Photography. Since we only had one car for a couple of days, Alana and I hitched a ride in Rich’s Rodeo and hung out at the office for a couple of hours a couple different times! 

Here, we are leaving the house with Rich and I was practicing with my outdoor camera settings…



This is Alana’s sleepy, space cadet face! 


Once at the office, to keep myself occupied while Alana explored and wandered, I snapped some photos, of course! I realized that it was actually a perfect opportunity to document a bit of Smith Engineering…grabbing photos of what it looks like to visit the office…

I started with a self-portrait…


And moved on to watch my thoughful mother-in-law spend some time with Alana…



And then I pretty much just sat back and watched Alana have a field trip in her daddy’s office…


Getting into her granpapa’s briefcase (who was very tolerant of us being there!) 


Looking out the door to see outside…


Running all over the place…




Visiting employees…


And then I decided that we needed a bit of a break. I took Alana outside into the beautiful light and practiced some more…











And that encapsulates our time, happily stuck at the office, while the car was in the shop! Random tidbits, I know, but it makes me happy to recount these little experiences!

  • Bonnie - January 11, 2009 - 5:10 pm

    so what do you do with all the pics that you take, besides blog about them. do you print them and scrapbook, put them in albums, in frames on the walls. i feel like i have so many it is har to pick my favorites and then what to do with them. i do scapbook but you cant do that with every picture either.

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