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Thursday was fun and oh, so entertaining! 

As planned, Tobi, Brittany, Shannon and myself met up at wonderful Greenlife for a girls’ lunch out. We brought the wee ones and they just never disappoint. They are full of life, antics, and surprises.

Gone are the days of sitting with a few girlfriends and having a calm, leisurely lunch date with fluid, uninterrupted conversation…unless, of course, the hubbies are available to take their turn with the munchkins. But that was not the case on Thursday afternoon! So, with four adults and three babies, we enjoyed lunch and all of it’s chaotic loveliness! 🙂 

As we were getting situated on the outdoor patio at Greenlife, I turned around to see that Alana had managed to take little Foy’s hat right off his head and place it on her own. She wanted to wear it for some unknown reason, and she did NOT want to give it back! 


So when Foy took it back, she harassed him…


…And was a little disgruntled about it…


But he kindly acquiesced and let Alana wear it for a bit! Even though it was a boy’s hat, I thought it looked super cute on her! 



Brittany’s sweet little Ada…



And her super fly kicks…


Mama Brittany and baby Ada…


My little hotshot…and I know I am unapologetically biased, but goodness, she’s cute! 


Again, trying to reclaim what is not rightfully hers! 


And the very patient and handsome Foy, who just turned one! He was unfazed by Alana’s affinity for his hat! 


I did actually manage to take a couple photos of the adults! Here is the beautiful (and simultaneously adorable) Tobi! She’s sporting one of her Ivey Handcrafted headbands! If you haven’t seen my blog post about the headband that she gave to Alana, you must check it out here!


An unprompted, raw moment…


And self-portrait! Thanks, ladies, for the fun (and entirely baby-oriented) girl time! It was fun, chaotic, and wonderful! We must do it again soon! 


  • Rich Smith - January 24, 2009 - 11:37 pm

    Love it! Looks like you had fun! I need to increase the width of the blog so your visitors can enjoy your images larger. They look incredible, babe!

  • Sheri - January 26, 2009 - 9:31 pm

    You’re doing a great job with the pictures. You really need to buy her a boys hat! Way cute!

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