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alana’s new hat…

Alana and I came back home from Kellie’s today in time for dinner, and no one was home yet! Amber and Nick have been staying with us while looking for a home, but they were still out, and Rich wasn’t home from work yet.

So, while we waited for everyone, we enjoyed the gorgeous weather and played outside. I really love my front yard. Even thought it’s wintertime and mostly everything is brown and semi-dead, I still love the challenge of finding new nooks to take aesthetically pleasing images!



I’ve been asked so many times where I got this amazing, perfect little hat for Alana. I will share my secret! They are handmade from the Portland Beanie Company…and you can see theEtsy store here! Enjoy looking at the cutest hats I’ve ever seen!!! 


Picture 10 copy  


She’s still obsessed with leaves, and has a growing fascination with dirt! 

Picture 12 copy 

Picture 14 copy

Picture 13 copy 

I love the way the sunlight is hitting the trees behind Alana. Beautiful. 


We played for about ten minutes but as the temperature dropped I decided it was time for a self-portrait and then inside to relax after a long, fun day! 

Picture 15 copy

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day! Keep on hugging and kissing the ones you love!

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