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hawaii: days 4 and 5…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It is 1:30 pm here in Hawaii, which means that my friends and family in the eastern time zone have alrady enjoyed most of their Thanksgiving day, probably have eaten some wonderful turkey, and it’s 6:30 pm. Crazy!

I have some photos from the past couple days, and sadly, we only have today and tomorrow left! It is hard to believe it’s been almost a week, and flying out tomorrow feels sad and premature! I honestly think we would have needed two full weeks on the Big Island to do the things we wanted to, but we’ve made the most of the time we have had, and even made time for some much needed relaxation!

Rich wandered the resort property a couple of evenings ago, and I love the shots he captured:

A Hawaiian sunset. goodness.

Some more beauty from the next day:

This is me enjoying the ocean while Rich and Leslie worked on a photography lesson.

This shot was taken at Hapuna Beach Resort (next to ours, and owned by the same company).

One of the highlights of our trip came yesterday, when we all (along with Brandon and Rachel) drove north along the Kohala Coast and around the northern tip of the Island. We drove through Hawi and Kapa’au and ended up at Pololu Beach with all of it’s black sand beauty!

We had to hike down just a bit to see the valley, and we were very amused by all the signs that greeted us; warning of dangerous shorebreak, strong current, falling rocks, hazardous cliffs, and scary monk seals. Ha!

The photo below is Pololu Valley:

Pololu Beach (notice the black sand and the woman in the bottom right portion of the photo for scale!)

Below, the North Kohala Coastline enveloped in fog and mist!

It AMAZES me that the Big Island, which is situated in the middle of the Pacific and surrounded by thousands of miles of ocean, could have completely different climates from one side of the island to the other! The western side of the island where we are staying RARELY gets rain (the last time was eight months ago!) and yet and eastern side of the island gets enormous volumes of rainfall! As a result, the terrain is completely different and in locations like the one below, it is green, lush, and can sustain a rainforest!

This is my shot with the 70-200 mm:

And Rich’s shot of me taking it:

And Rich’s wide angle shot of the same scene:

Rich also grabbed a shot of me on the trail. It was so beautiful here!

Then we grabbed a delicious lunch at Bamboo in Hawi…

And I got some incredible Kona Mountain coffee ice cream from Tropical Dreams. Wow. And yum.

Then Rich and I found a really neat little local store called “As Hawi Turns” and got this cool wooden surfboard “postcard” for my parents and brother that they are about to see on the blog before even receiving it 🙂 We mailed it from the local post office so who knows when they will actually get it!

Will be posting another blog with days 6 and 7…along with some photos that Leslie is going to take of us this afternoon so we can actually have some great photos together! Stay tuned!

  • Keri - November 27, 2009 - 2:50 am

    Your pics are absolutely breathtaking! What a way to spend Thanksgiving! 🙂

  • Mom Smith - November 27, 2009 - 10:45 am

    Beautiful–words are inadequate!

  • Lacey - November 30, 2009 - 11:09 am

    I sent julie a coconut that I painted when I was there. It took a while to get to her. 🙂

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