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happy easter 2010!

Yesterday was awesome.

Rich’s brothers Randy and Jeff and their wives Susan and Jackie planned a small easter egg hunt with just a few families and bought hundreds of eggs, stuffed them with candy and stickers, and let the kids go wild. They even planned for the older kids to have their own portion of the property so that the little ones could go at their slower pace without missing out on the eggs. Brilliant.

So Alana, along with only a couple of other toddlers, had tons of eggs at their immediate disposal. It was adorable. Last year Alana needed a bit of explanation, but this year, none was needed 🙂 The candy hidden inside the eggs was no longer a mystery, and she took off.

She quickly realized that not only were there normal, solid colored eggs, but there were ladybug eggs and all kinds of other fun animals. This was extremely exciting.



She’d collected only about two eggs when she decided it was time to open them and eat the candy inside. I tried to tell her to keep putting eggs in her basket…


…but since that didn’t work, I just let her open an egg, open the candy bracelet, and then she was a bit more focused on the egg hunt. But not much 🙂




Alana’s great grandmother (Rich’s paternal grandmother) Me-maw was in town from Louisiana, and the two enjoyed each other very much!


Collecting hot pink eggs. Without any prompting from me, pink (any shade) is definitely Alana’s favorite color.


More cool animal eggs…



Beautiful girl:


Hanging with Rich:


Daddy “helping” 🙂


Time out for flower picking. I love how distractible she is. I’m not sure how much her teachers will love it, though. Like father like daughter 🙂


And time out for grandmama too!


One last egg…


…and then it was time to review the loot. She filled up two whole baskets!




Thank you to Rich for these shots of me and Alana. Even though she was too busy eating her bracelet. Hey, at least I was into it 🙂



Thank you so much to Randy, Susan, Jeff and Jackie for the wonderful little egg hunt! It was a blast!

Happy, Happy Easter, everyone. He is risen!!!

  • Pix - April 4, 2010 - 6:39 pm

    Adorable! Wish I was there!

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