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alana: spring/summer catalog 2010

As promised in my rant yesterday, I have a project to blog about. And it is an explosion of cuteness!

A couple of months ago, Kellie and I were together for our typical Tuesday hangout and she showed me a recent crewcuts catalog. It was awesome. The kids with their adorable outfits all set up with props…the whole thing was too cute for words.

We started talking about how, technically, we have the ability to do something similar because of our new business, Strut. We could set Strut up at my house, gather all of Alana’s Spring and Summer clothes, gather everything that would work well for props, and go for it.

And so we did. After a little bit of planning, we had two days of FUN. We took breaks constantly for two-year-old Alana’s sake and she had a blast!

Check out the results! Warning: I posted way too many cute photos. 🙂


  • kellie - May 27, 2010 - 10:33 am

    awesome heather! they turned out so good 🙂 it was a blast, are we on for a fall/winter catalog?!

  • Heidi - May 27, 2010 - 10:38 am

    Super super cute, oh my goodness! 🙂 And by the way, LOVE the new look of your blog!

  • Cami - May 27, 2010 - 10:45 am

    oh my goodness…you have the perfect little model. what a ham!!! clearly she takes after her mother!

  • bonnie - May 27, 2010 - 10:46 am

    3 things:

    1-super cute, looks like you had a good time doing this
    2- how is alana going to survive when she is not the the center of attention when the new baby comes
    3- i hope you have another girl so you can use all the adorable clothes again… i have never seen such a well dressed kid.

  • Meg - May 27, 2010 - 1:05 pm

    Strut booth + Alana = AWESOME!!! Was this all in one afternoon? She’s the best model ever!

  • Shannon - May 27, 2010 - 1:32 pm

    I am speechless, I mean typeless! That was incredible. I had to take a break from the cuteness and come back it was overwhelming! Well done!

  • DeeDee Hart - May 28, 2010 - 1:10 pm

    What cuteness AND what talent! Congrats on your pregnancy too!

  • -brittany- - May 31, 2010 - 12:07 am

    Did you do these all in one day? These are so super duper adorable!!!! I can not imagine Ada doing this for me. I think Alana has a future career ahead of her.

  • Cheyenne - June 14, 2010 - 3:03 pm

    What cuteness AND what talent! Congrats on your pregnancy too!

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