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I would like to begin this blog post by stating the obvious: I am the worst first trimester pregnant blogger EVER!!!

I cannot even explain how much I haven’t felt like myself for the past two months. I have been totally disinterested in many of my favorite things: blogging, photographing, Starbucks-iced-caramel-macchiato sipping, shopping, even getting together with friends has been pretty nonexistent. I have, however, been laying around the house doing nothing VERY, VERY WELL. I should get an award.

But something happened today. I still feel awful. Still nauseated, still exhausted. But I want to blog. I have only taken a few small sets of photos since I got pregnant, but today, I want to blog each of them.

So, prepare for rapid-fire blogging. I think I have 4 posts coming. Nothing major, nothing earth shattering. Just life. Life from the past month or so that I have felt good enough to photograph. So there you have it.

Alana had her very first experience with chalk a few weeks ago. We took advantage of one morning that wasn’t ridiculously deathly hot (there haven’t been many) and played outside. I had to document her first time with chalk, because, well, firsts are important to me. Big ones, small ones, everyday life ones.

We grabbed a bucket of $1 chalk at Target…

And Alana had fun running around and drawing on everything from the driveway to the sidewalk, to my car, to the brick on the house, to the white fence posts you see in the background here. It took a little explaining before she caught on…chalk is ONLY for the driveway and sidewalk!

Our handiwork from that day:

Then we saw this way cooler set of Crayola chalk at WalMart for $2. The colors were bolder and the tips were nice and pointed! We had to get it!

So while I was photographing the new chalk, she patiently played with the “old” chalk 🙂

Super proud of herself for something! Bad (blurry) photo, but cute.

Armed and ready! And a shirt full of chalk marks 🙂

And our handiwork from that day:

Such a fun first! Many more chalk times to come, I’m sure!

  • Mom - June 25, 2010 - 2:24 pm

    Cute! Wish I was there to help!!

  • Mom Smith - June 25, 2010 - 3:53 pm

    Wonder what it would look like on asphalt??? Need to get some for our house. Looks like fun.

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