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Beach Mini Session Summer 2010!

One evening while we were in Fort Lauderdale for vacation, we all went down to the beach to spend some family time and take some photos. Rich set up the tripod and grabbed an entire family photo for a Christmas card for my mom, and then Amber did a mini session for the 3 of us.

This is the first time we’ve visited the beach that Alana has not been scared. She is still really nervous around the water, but she’s finally able to enjoy the sand. She was super scared last summer for our mini session, and the Christmas mini session before that.

But I love each set of photos for what they are: an accurate representation of our family at various ages and stages.

I grabbed a couple shots of Alana when we first arrived:

And then passed the camera off to Amber, who got some really wonderful photos of all three of us! Thank you so much, Pixie!!!

It was a grey and overcast evening, very windy, and we felt bad for poor Amber, who was trying to take beautiful photos for us. I actually liked the one below in color, even though there was no beautiful light to be found!

About halfway through the session, Alana decided she was done with the photoshoot and she took off for the unmanned lifeguard tower. It made for some super cute photos 🙂

So contemplative!

Uncle Shawn entertained her once we were done. Way to capture it, Amber!

Thank you again to my awesome sis for the memories documented. We love you and are so excited about your rapidly budding photography skills. Na Nu!

  • Pix - July 13, 2010 - 10:35 pm

    Thanks sis. You guys are good models! I love the one of Shawn and Alana!

  • bonnie - July 14, 2010 - 7:47 am

    you look great! feeling any better?

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