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The Park!!!

Before I had kids, Kellie and I spend time together VERY consistently! We would get together every Tuesday to work on scrapbook pages, sewing projects, go shopping, whatever! We managed to carry this on pretty well while Alana was a baby/toddler, and expanded our hobby to include photography when Alana was about 1.

We continued to get together weekly while Alana was a toddler and we shot together quite a bit while honing our skills and learning our cameras. We learned (mostly from Rich) how to shoot in Manual and how to get a proper exposure in any lighting situation.

But when I had Sierra last December, both of our lives both got much busier, and not only have we not had many chances to shoot together in the past year, but we haven’t had too many opportunities to even SEE each other in the past year!

Life has been seriously BUSY.

But last week, we got together AND we shot together for the first time in a long time! We took the girls to a park near Kellie’s house and let them play while we spent time together and grabbed some shots. It was a blast, and Kellie, I miss shooting with you!

Here are a few of my favorites! Here’s my little 11 month old cherub 🙂

She’s walking all over the place. Like a pro! Will be funny to have her walking all over my parents house this Christmas…and for her first birthday on December 28th!

Her first two teeth are FINALLY making an appearance! 

Time for the baby swings! At this age, Alana would have screamed her head off in fear…but Sierra likes it 🙂 

This next series is unbelievably entertaining to me. I perched Sierra at the top of a little slide with Alana to see how she’d react. She was SO distressed.

So I got the shots and THEN rescued her 🙂 Cause that’s how I roll…

Don’t worry, Alana went down the slide alone! I love this photo more than most of the photos I’ve ever taken 🙂 Ha!

And this one…Then we were off to the next thing…

Eating mulch! 

A short stint at the climbing wall! 

Back to the swings for Alana! (One of my favorites from the session)

I grabbed this shot of Kellie photographing Alana…I’m so thankful for this friend! 

Thank you to Kellie for this shot of me and the girls! 

And we ended with some more slide time for Alana…

And that is that! We had so much fun with you, kellie girl! Thanks for hanging out with me and my crazy girls 🙂

  • kellie - December 13, 2011 - 1:12 pm

    What a fun afternoon! I enjoyed every minute and I miss shooting with you too! We definitely have to do it again next time we are together 🙂

  • Lacey - December 14, 2011 - 4:42 pm

    I want to come next time! I love the slide shots with both girls too. I love both of their faces!! Haha!
    Miss you guys! Hope you have a blast in FL and I wish I was going to be there!! (anywhere in the state would do 🙂

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