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Easter 2012!

I just looked back at last year’s Easter blog post and realized that I did a much better job documenting than I did this year! From photographing the Easter Baskets, to the opening of the Easter baskets, to the family photos (taken by my sister), to the egg hunts…I just did a better job last year. So you’ll have to forgive the lopsided nature of this year’s post compared to last years, but you do what you can and you have to let the rest go! I am most definitely busier now that Sierra is mobile…last year seems so calm comparatively! Girlfriend keeps me BUSY!

This year was special to me because it was Sierra’s first time to experience an Easter Egg hunt (she was only 3 months old last Easter), and it was adorable. She is 15 months, runs everywhere she goes, she’s into everything, makes massive messes, hugs me all the time, adores her big sister, says mama, dada, nahnah (Alana), bird, bubble, and lots of nonsensical stuff 🙂 She HATES sitting in high chairs and having her diaper changed (or anything else that requires her to be still). She makes us smile and laugh every single day, and our little family cannot imagine life without Sierra.

For her very first egg hunt, I took the girls into the front yard and did a simple little hunt before we headed to Randy and Susan’s house for the annual cousins egg hunt – tons of fun and tons of activity! I wanted to be able to get some photos of her first hunt, and I knew we might lose daylight if I waited until the cousins egg hunt. So here are a few from Good Friday afternoon. At this point, she has no idea that there is candy inside the eggs. She’ll figure that out by the end of the weekend 🙂

Thank you to Rich for this shot of me and the girls before we left for some time with the cousins! 

At Randy and Susan’s house, it had gotten chilly, and it was getting late, but Rich grabbed a few photos anyway! Jake is absolutely incredible with the girls, always helping out and taking care of them. For the egg hunt, he followed Sierra around with her easter basket, helping her to spot the eggs and get them into her basket! He is so sweet!!!

Alana had a blast with her cousins! Cousins, and egg hunts, are the best!

I am pretty sure that Sierra, in this photo, is far more excited about Sadie, the dog, than her newly found easter egg! She LOVES animals! Look at that face!!!

Rich taking a photo of me self-portrait-ing with my phone 🙂 

Awesome group of cousins!!!

Then, on Easter Sunday, we enjoyed a really incredible church service followed by some time at my in-laws house! We had a delicious lunch and then went outside for a non-candy easter egg hunt! Since she knew the kids had already gotten candy, my thoughtful mother in law put stickers, hair things, whistles, and other fun mini toys in the kids eggs! Sierra, once again, was to-die-for-cute, and Rich and I tag-teamed with the camera 🙂 

And once again, Sierra got wildly excited about Milo, the kitty cat, but not so much the eggs 🙂 She abandoned her easter egg basket for a cat chase, shrieking and laughing all the while 🙂 

She still hasn’t figured out that the yummy stuff is inside the eggs. Although, for this particular hunt, the toys would not have been too tasty anyway! 

Those cheeks!!!

My sweet, amazing 4 year old! She seems like SUCH A big girl lately. She’s growing up so quickly. 

Some daddy time! 

I’m so glad I made grandmama and grandpapa gather up with the kids for a photo! Isn’t it precious?!? The newest addition to the family, Wyatt, is adorable!

Yay! And thank you to Rich for this photo of me and my girls!!! I am so thankful for these two! 

When we got back home from my in-laws house on Easter Sunday, Alana reminded me that we needed to have one last hunt in the yard so that she could use her lamb easter basket that she’d given up for Sierra over the weekend! So Rich hid the eggs that the girls had already hunted at their cousins house, and Alana took her lambie and the girls went for it one more time!

And since Sierra had gotten her sweet little cream-colored dress dirty (from the earlier hunt), I put her in this 3-6 month size dress that I’d gotten her LAST Easter and only NOW fits her perfectly! Haha! She actually wore this dress (at 3 months old) last Easter, which you can see in that blog post. I knew it was a little big at the time, but I thought she’d grow into it over the summer last year. Well, here we are a year later and finally it’s a perfect fit. Hilarious!

Now HERE is when she discovers that there is yummy stuff inside the eggs 🙂 A kit-kat bar, to be exact. Here she is trying to get that darn wrapper open! 

So she gnaws on the package a bit. I opened it for her and let her have it…and then it was a new game to get all the eggs open and try to eat what was inside. She had a whole new level of interest now! I had to work very hard at only letting her get into a couple of eggs!

She melts me. 

Seriously, giving her a piece of candy was the ONLY way to get her to sit still for ONE second so that I could get this shot. In that regard, it was staged. So sue me. 🙂 At least I didn’t ask them both to look at me and say “cheese” 🙂

And I am excited to end on this note…a fully unstaged, authentic sister moment. I love this photo! 

And just for fun, here’s my Easter blog post from 2010 – crazy to see how quickly things change from year to year! Alana was a wee one!

  • Jan - April 15, 2012 - 8:55 pm

    AHHHHH!!! so cute! I want to eat them up. I can’t believe how much Alana has grown up over this past year. Thanks for posting!

  • Mom Smith - April 15, 2012 - 9:22 pm

    What a fun-filled weekend for the girls! We certainly enjoyed Easter Sunday with all that went on. Watching the kids search and find and discover their prizes was a lot of fun. Trying to find things for the eggs was a lot of fun as well and we will now be on the lookout for cool stuff for next year. And we’ll have to hide the eggs better!! 🙂

  • Ayessa - October 1, 2012 - 11:37 pm

    Your girls are so lovely, Heather! <3

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