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snow day in january: faulty weather report and total chaos!

Hooray for a snow day!  But not so much hooray for the mass chaos that was caused by a faulty weather report!

My understanding of this whole mess is that the weather forecasters were not aware that the snow was going to accumulate today. Which meant that the TN and GA schools were open for the day. Which meant that, when it started dumping snow around 10 this morning, schools had to dismiss early while parents scrambled to try to pick them up and get home safely.

I happened to already be at Alana’s school this morning taking photos of her class like I do each month. We were pretty excited about taking the kids’ January photos in the snow, and then I was even more excited when I realized that they were dismissing early and I could go ahead and take Alana home.

The snow accumulated so quickly that by the time we got in our NON four wheel drive vehicle, the roads were covered in snow. And thousands of parents were trying to get to schools to get their kids, or get home after picking the kids up. The roads were insane, and the longer we waited in traffic, the more problems arose. Cars were in ditches, cars were sliding around, colliding with each other, unable to get up hills, etc. The girls and I got stuck more than once trying to get home and very long story short, we ended up having to abandon the pilot and walk to a McDonalds while we waited for my in laws to rescue us. By the time we got home that afternoon we had spent 5 hours trying to get home from school…typically just a 15 minute drive.

Then things got even more insane on the roads and Rich told me about the “Snowed out Atlanta” Facebook page, in which people posted their needs and predicaments and it was then that I realized the scope of what was going on. I started praying for people all over the southeast who were in crazy dilemmas and found myself wishing I could do something for those people who were stranded all over the place with no food, water, phone battery, or gas.

We were so thankful to be home safe, and to even have power. We enjoyed taking some photos and playing in the snow, and even went sledding in the neighborhood!



This is right before I totally wiped out and landed on my butt. On the icy street. My back and tailbone is going to hurt for weeks.


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