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fairy princess sisters!

A couple of weeks ago I took the girls shopping. Alana graduates from Kindergarten this week, and I wanted to let her pick out a special dress to wear with her cap and gown on graduation day. Since her cap and gown are white, we needed something either white or ivory for her to wear underneath.

I had the idea to go back to the store where, with our dear friend Alex, we had found Alana’s flower girl dress from Todd and Alex’s wedding last summer. It’s a UK based company called Accessorize, and there is a location in Hamilton Place Mall. The company’s name and branding leave something to be desired (in my opinion), but the special occasion dresses are just amazing. Jaw dropping, really.

We walked in and immediately saw a (very exciting) sign that some of the dresses were 50% off (I never pay full price for anything). The girls walked straight to these dresses in the back of the store; the “Estella” dress. Made by Monsoon; the same brand of Alana’s amazing flower girl dress from last summer. Absolutely gorgeous, SO well made, and even machine washable. The girls got REALLY excited about these dresses very quickly. They chatted and agreed that this was, in fact, a “fairy princess dress” and there *may* have been some jumping and up and down and pleading to try them on. It’s one of the company’s most popular dresses, often used as a flower girl dress. They come in toddler sizes and big girl sizes. I agreed to let the girls try them on since they were included in the 50% off sale. Then came the obvious: both girls loved them and they fit perfectly.

Although I did not actually need a fancy new dress for Sierra, here I was, letting Alana pick one out, try it on, and yet BOTH girls had gotten deliriously excited about the thought of being a “real” fairy princess. I hadn’t exactly thought to tell Sierra that we were only shopping for Alana that day. I hadn’t foreseen both girls getting really excited about a dress, either. Typically I am a very practical mom. I say “no” to my kids regularly. If they need something, we buy it for them. If they do not, we let them know that they are welcome to save up their money and buy it. They know not to even bother throwing a tantrum, because if they did, it would most certainly NOT gain them what they wanted.

But looking at her adorable little 3-year-old self, twirling in this beauty, loving that she matched her sister (and the fact that the gown was 50% off just for the weekend), well, I definitely made an “impractical” decision. I said yes to that little girl who was jumping up and down asking to own this dress. And I went with the “better to ask forgiveness than permission” option, hoping that Rich would appreciate how incredibly beautiful the girls dresses were and overlook the fact that we came home with two dresses rather than the ONE dress that we went shopping for. 🙂

He did overlook my impractical decision. And he did think the girls were beautiful in their dresses. I was thankful that he didn’t question me on why I bought one for Sierra too, when, let’s be honest, she didn’t NEED it. Three cheers for a man who can appreciate a little girls’ desire to be a fairy princess, and to proudly smile while he watches her twirl across the living room shouting, “Daddy! Daddy! Look at me! I’m a princess! Look at my dress! It’s amazing!”  He truly is an AMAZING dad for our little girls. He LOVES being outnumbered.

And then when we got home and both girls were busy twirling around the living room, showing their dad their new treasures, I had an idea. We needed to go to a field and take photos of the girls in their dresses. It needed to have tall grass or wheat. There needed to be golden evening light, and the girls needed to either have flowers in their hands or a flower wreath on their heads. I had a vision of a very etherial feeling. So, I shared with Rich what I wanted to do, and told him that I would be happy to take the photos myself, but if he wanted to come along, then that would be even better since he is my hero of a photographer. He opted in, and I’m so glad he did. We went to a nearby field where we have taken many a family photo, and the feeling in these images is exactly what I saw in my head.

So, I hope you enjoy the photos and my long winded (likely very boring) commentary 🙂 And thank you to Rich for being awesome on many levels and for allowing me to get away with an impractical decision that would lead to these gorgeous sister photos 🙂 I love you, babe.


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