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Sierra’s Little White Shirt Project!

I can’t believe it’s been 1.5 years since the girls and I have done a photo booth style project! The timeView full post »


Sierra + Flamingo

Nana and Papa’s pool has long been a highlight of summer vacation in Fort Lauderdale, and just as fun are theView full post »


Sierra’s Yellow Rain Boots Project!

Little sis brought some serious cute with her sweet face and personality for her newest style project! I’mView full post »


sierra is six today!

Oh, this girl! Six years old doesn’t quite seem possible! I love taking photos of the girls each year on theirView full post »


Sierra the adorable!

Blogging has become somewhat a think of the past for me…it seems that many other priorities have crowded out theView full post »


sierra’s princess dress session!

My mom spoils us with the really good quality princess dresses from the Disney Store, and I’ve been thinkingView full post »


sierra riley turns four!

Oh this little girl. She can brighten up a room, give a killer hug, she says the sweetest things, she knows what sheView full post »


sisters: a fall mini session at the neighborhood park!

Like many people, Fall is my favorite season. I actually appreciate the changing of the seasons a LOT, simply because IView full post »


florida summer vacation!

Well, I feel like I did a TERRIBLE job documenting our summer vacation this summer! In years past I feel like Rich andView full post »


fairy princess sisters!

A couple of weeks ago I took the girls shopping. Alana graduates from Kindergarten this week, and I wanted to let herView full post »


sierra’s outerwear style project!

So, Spring will be on the way soon and that got me thinking about all of the adorable outerwear of Sierra’s thatView full post »


epic snow day in february!

I’m not usually a big maker of new years resolutions, but this year, when Rich suggested that we place a higherView full post »


princess dress style project!

I live in princess land. As much as they love to play in the dirt and catch stink bugs and build forts and explore theView full post »


snow day in january: faulty weather report and total chaos!

Hooray for a snow day!  But not so much hooray for the mass chaos that was caused by a faulty weather report! MyView full post »


sierra turns three today!!!

This precious little girl is 3 today, and it is so special to celebrate here in Florida with family since we are downView full post »

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