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big snow fun; february does it again!

Today was amazing. A few days ago, we enjoyed a partial snowfall but weren’t sure if that was all we were goingView full post »


snow day! we love february!

This morning was so great. It wasn’t as amazing as last year’s awesome snowfall (which was epic) but it wasView full post »


epic snow day in february!

I’m not usually a big maker of new years resolutions, but this year, when Rich suggested that we place a higherView full post »


snow day in january: faulty weather report and total chaos!

Hooray for a snow day!  But not so much hooray for the mass chaos that was caused by a faulty weather report! MyView full post »


snowy morning!

Okay. So Christmas Day 2010 was amazing. I’m living in the past, I know  ?  I was nine months pregnant and SierraView full post »



A ton of snow was in the forecast for today. And a ton of snow fell. I love it when the forecast – as it relatesView full post »


the day after christmas: sledding!

I’m blogging a bit out of order because, well, because I had a baby. ? I blogged family photos from our wonderfulView full post »


christmas day 2010!

Yesterday was perfect. Well, except for the fact that my dad was not able to be here for Christmas Day! But we all wokeView full post »


welcoming march…with more snow!

Hello, March. And hello, snow. When Rich woke me up this morning and said, “It’s snowing again,View full post »


A February Snow! At the Park!

So I feel like a broken record, but this winter has been absolutely, uncharacteristically snowy! If there is one thingView full post »


melting snow…

Just a couple more snow photos to start the week… This is day FOUR of snow still being on the ground here inView full post »


snow shots…

As Alana was napping during the heavy snowfall on Friday, I hopped into the backyard to take some macro shots. The snowView full post »


first smith family snowman!

Yesterday we were excited to get quite a bit of snow, and today we realized that we needed to do something about itView full post »


january snow day!!!

Um, holy snow, batman. I paid very little attention to the news reports (earlier today) of snow and a wintery mixView full post »


what we woke up to yesterday…

Ah, it would be impossible to explain just how excited I get about snow. Now, I am well aware that the reason I get soView full post »


jackson hole part three: snow!

After wedding festivities on Sunday, Rich and I were exhausted but decided to seize the day and take Alana to play inView full post »

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